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The Bobcat Fund is thrilled to partner with school administration to maintain our high-tech STEM Lab - the VERY FIRST of its kind in OCPS funded entirely by donations! Each year, a large percentage of donations will be used to ensure our STEM Lab has the most updated, state-of-the-art equipment.

Please donate today to help keep our STEM Lab state-of-the art!

    High Tech STEM Lab         Ribbon Cutting Ceremony 2018-19 

Ribbon Cutting.JPG

We are so thankful to our STEM Lab donors for making this moment possible! We have so much to celebrate.

attendees 7.jpg
gear 6.JPG
attendees 4.JPG
attendees 6.jpg
attenddes 3.JPG
attendees 8.JPG
attndees 1.JPG
attendees (2).JPG
attendees 5.jpg
Mrs Parker.jpg
BP Living Artile.jpg
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